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What does hand poured mean?

Hand poured means that we pour the hot wax into each one of our candle containers ourselves. There are no machines involved.


Here's how our candle making process works:


  • Wick is set and adhered to the inside the container.

  • Wick is centered with a wick bar.

  • Wax is cut and weighed.

  • Wax is heated to the exact right temperature. 

  • Appropriate amount of fragrance oil is weighed. 

  • Fragrance added at the optimal time.

  • Once it's added we stir the fragrance in vigorously so that it completely blends into the coconut wax.

  • Then we pour the wax into the container at the exact right temperature.

  • Tops of each candle are heated 2-4 times to make them smoother. 

  • Labels are hand stamped with each candles name.

  • Labels are applied by hand. 

  • Each candle is carefully packaged and ready for you to enjoy. 

Do coconut wax candles burn longer than soy?

Yes! Coconut wax candles burn about 50% longer than soy candles.

How can I get the most burn time out of my coconut wax candle?

In order to get the maximum burn time our candles offer, you need to be diligent in maintaining the wicks at 1/4 inch. Also, when burning the candle you have to burn it long enough to allow the melt pool to extend all the way out to the outer edge of the candle so you utilize all the wax and prevent the candle from "tunneling" or burning only down the middle. 

Why does my candle have lighter or darker areas?

Because it's hand poured. When using organic coconut wax, sometimes you may notice darker patches or "wet" spots in clear glass candle containers. This is not a fault, simply a small area where the wax has not adhered to the glass 100%. 

Why does the top of my candle look rough? 

Because it's hand poured. We do our best to make the tops of our candles as smooth and pretty as possible but some fragrances are harder than others. After the wax is poured we carefully heat the tops of each candle 2-4 times to smooth them out. Bubbles rise out of the wax during this process so it's hard to get it perfect. But we think it adds to the unique character of our hand poured candles and it's also an easy way to tell that a candle was not made in a factory. 

Why do I see tiny bubbles in my candle?

Because it's hand poured. Once the top layer of wax is melted it's normal to see tiny bubbles rising out of the wax from time to time. If you look very closely you can sometimes also see them through the glass. Again this is a great indication that your candle was made by a real person. 

Why is there some wax left on the glass as the candle is burning?

It's normal for some of our candles to leave a very thin layer of wax on the sides of the container. Just make sure every time you light it you allow it enough time to have a full melt pool of wax that extends and touches the sides of the container. If you don't, your candle could start to "tunnel" or burn down them middle only. Which is different than leaving a thin layer of wax on the glass. 

Are your wicks primed with paraffin wax?

Heck no! Although MANY soy candles use paraffin primed wicks and have paraffin blended into their soy, so be careful! Our candles contain absolutely no paraffin. We use organic hemp wicks primed with coconut wax. 

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