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Soft and bold at once, blending sweet and spicy notes over a smoky woody base. This cozy scent has little bit of everything from sweet vanilla bean and caramel, to spicy ginger and cinnamon, on a complex base of leather, amber, tonka, and cashmere botanicalmusks. (Same scent as our Autumn Bliss Candle)

  • Organic coconut wax is eco-friendly, sustainable, & dye free
  • Organci hemp wick- unbleached, untreated, no chemicals added
  • Optional organic fragrance, natural fragrance, or body safe phthalate free fragrance oil
  • Made with therapeutic grade essential oils
  • Hand-poured in small batches or made to order
  • Burns 50% longer than soy. Appx burn time 120 hours.
  • Highly scented- scent lasts for the life of the candle
  • Non-toxic & non-carcinogenic, burns clean 
  • 100% vegan, no animal by-products used, no animal testing EVER
  • Does not contain any palm wax or beeswax
  • Reusable mason jar tumbler
  • Made in the USA with US produced materials
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