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  • Please Note: If a candle says "out of stock" on the website that means the fragrance is out of stock from our supplier. Once we have the fragrance back in stock we will update that candle to "in stock" again. Whether we have a candle "in stock" and sitting on our shelf ready to ship, or the fragrance in stock so that we can make it, it will show "in stock" on the website. 

  • Our candles are hand poured in small batches. This means that a small processing time may apply to orders before they ship. We keep many many of our candles in stock. In case the candles you order are not in stock please be advised that shipping may take a little longer because we need to make your candles.

  • Processing time for candles not sitting on the shelf ready to ship is currently: 2-5 Business Days. 

  • Processing time has no bearing on shipping times, and is always in addition to shipping time.

  • Our processing time is updated regularly and we always aim to ship out orders as fast as possible. 

  • Sometimes orders that are placed during big sales or during the holiday season can take longer.

  • Please feel free email us with any questions you may have about processing or shipping times. We would be more than happy to help and give you an estimate on how long it would take to get your order sent out. 


  • ​We use USPS Priority Mail which has a ship time of 1-3 days (excluding Sunday) depending on where you are located. However, incomplete or incorrect addresses may result in longer delivery times and possible charges for redelivery. We do not guarantee any shipping times since that part of the process is out of our control. 

  • Please Note: We would LOVE to be able to offer extremely low shipping rates or even free shipping. Unfortunately small businesses don't get amazing discounted rates like the big companies do. Our little company is growing fast though so as soon as we are able to negotiate with the shipping companies we will be passing those savings on to our customers.

  • Our candles are heavy weighing over a pound each. The closer you are to Louisiana the cheaper the shipping will be. USPS has whats called regional rate boxes which help a lot with the shipping cost for people that live far from us. We can fit 2 candles into Regional Rate Box A so if you live far enough away from us you'll notice that when buying 2 candles vs 1 candle the shipping cost does not increase much. We can fit 4 candles into Regional Rate Box B so again you may notice that when buying 3 candles vs 4 candles the shipping does not increase much. Seven day ground shipping for customers that live far from us only decreases the shipping cost by about 30 cents which in our opinion is not worth waiting that much longer. 


  • ​RUSH orders will be accepted on an individual basis. Please contact us if you are in a rush and we will let you know if we are able to process your order ahead of others, for a small fee depending on order size. 


  • Not available at this time but hopefully will be an option soon! 


  • Should any candles get broken while in transit please contact us within 7 days. Please provide photographic evidence of shipping damages and we can refund or resend the broken items. 


Not to worry. We are able to ship candles all year even during the hottest summer months. To make sure that our candles could withstand the heat we did the black car test. This test consisted of leaving one of our candles on it's side in a black car for 3 days at the end of July in southern Louisiana. The temps were over 95 degrees during the 3 days and when the inside temp of the car was taken it was at about 130 degrees. 

The wax did not melt and held it's form. Now, if you were to touch the wax it definitely was soft enough to leave a deep fingerprint. But after bringing it inside and letting it cool back down to a temperature of about 75 degrees it was perfect and ready to burn. 

We offer a "won't melt into a mess" guarantee on our candles so you can place your order with confidence even during the summer months.  

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