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We ship out orders as fast as possible. When we have a sale it might take a little longer. Due to possible postal delays we can't guarantee arrival by a specific day. However, if you send us a quick email at we can let you know if what you are ordering is in stock on the shelf and ready to ship.

 "In Stock" on our website can mean the candle is made and ready to ship or we have the fragrance oil on hand and can make the candle and ship it. "Out of stock" on our website means we are out of that fragrance oil & it's not available to purchase. Candles that need to be made take 2-5 days before they are ready to ship. However, we do keep most of our candles in stock on the shelf.

Thank you so much for supporting our small business!

The comments section is not for sending a personal note to someone with your order. Thanks for understanding! :) 

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